How does Fantasia Buffet work?
The heart of Fantasia Buffet is its hermetically
sealed double-lined containers. In the space
between one lining and the other there is a
NEMOX’s exclusive formula liquid which, if
placed in a deep freeze for 8-12 hours,
accumulates frigories which it then releases
gradually over the next two hours and more.
During this period, ice cream can be kept at an
average temperature of -12°C (10.4F).
If you want to conserve other foodstuffs at
slightly higher temperatures, all you have to do
is reduce the time the containers spend in the
Fantasia Buffet consists of:
Three 1.5 litre (1 ½ Qt) containers
Three ice cream spatulas
Three spatula holders
AISI 304 stainless steel supporting frame
Drip tray